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Age New Adherence Adorning Belief ( Allotment 104 )

 The man who is dark through sin, through misery, the man who is allotment the aisle through hells, will ability it, but it will yield time. We cannot save him. Some harder knocks on his arch will advice him to about-face to the Lord. The aisle of virtue, purity, unselfishness,spirituality, becomes a... (by user)

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Newark Streets and Algid Night - Balladry From Newark, NJ

 walking swiftly avenue throbbing cars casual by, spitting fumes high, into the sky buses endlessly and going pick up their fares taxis perusing around crowded artery lanes walking as swiftly- purposeful as one can try to be, undistracted by the shrieks of tires in their ceaseless role on the pot-hol... (by user)

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Ezine Commercial Sins Appear

 Ezine commercial is a able commercial apparatus that has been acclimated by internet marketers back the aboriginal canicule of the Internet. Unfortunately, in their money blitz some ezine publishers and ezine ad co-ops owners forgot capital words such as bluntness and professionalism and gave a bad ... (by user)

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$300 For An E-Book? Are You Out of Your Mind?

 $300 for an e-book! Are these humans out of their minds? No, they are just acquisitiveness abounding vultures. How do you understand that? Well, in the Angelic Scriptures in Romans 1:28 it says: "Furthermore, back they did not anticipate it advantageous to absorb the ability of God, he gave them ove... (by user)

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