He Wants it to Rain

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He wants it to rain.

And the deer,


and cautiously ambience Ache down

at its morning bowl of Green.

He wants alarming lightning.

And bumps in the night,

night-less, bodiless,

And abruptly the wind arrives in an

erratic alias of self...

Is then disconnected by Time

and Space.

He wants the array of barrage that


that`s all the clinched hands

who any Time plunged

into alveolate walls

and torn themselves

upon the apriorism

that duke cannot detect

vertical abutment studs.

Then the animal awareness that

mysteriously `will` accept the

stranded arctic bear`s animosity

are its own,

ownership after ships,


spotless airy dot,

own buyer disowned by the

mirror and the ambience sun.

He wants rain and hail,

the admeasurement of grapefruits,

the breath across

of monsoons.

Rousting and roosting

something undetermined,

though known, felt,

yet blood-soaked in the affliction of

sensing that every

positive possession

has a absolute exorcist.

Trackless footsteps,

hoof prints central a balloon blown

and afloat beyond a prairie of

squeaking bark owls,

howl-less animated hyena,

a babyish python burning

a cricket`s violin,

expensive after the expense,

profit with no deductible or paper


He wants not to wish

in any array of environment.

Yet the affair continues its

pullover sweater`s afraid

of the news

of water, salt, activity

and love`s promises

crawling backwards

so to accumulate Approaching at bay,

the aforementioned bay

that`s absent the same

thing he desires,

to float the ocean-less hull,

and draw aloft itself

by the advice of

the sails

who were hoisted


on sale.

It`s worthwhile,

looking up at night...

He centers his absorption

and hovers there,

inside his `Him`,


where assumption endings

yield to their Time frame`s

beveled edge`s


overthrowing itself

by getting just the opposite

of a dependable campsite,

its captivated still portrait,

port-less, trait-less,

landless and building

trees with smoke rings

and see-through-paper.

Yellow snowflakes,

and cornflakes

with admeasure

of added

sweet white grains.


Tanned legs

covered with

sea alkali

and spinning,


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