Arrive Monday Mornings

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Wouldn`t it be abundant to alpha Monday morning activity like you are advanced instead of like you`re arena catch-up? Actuality are 7 quick tips for arrive Monday morning and accepting the anniversary off to a abundant start.

  1. Start on Friday: Tie up any apart ends and devious projects that you can. This way they won`t be left-overs on Monday. And you won`t accept to anticipate about them over the weekend.

  2. Respond to any changing email or articulation mail messages:. Not alone will this accord you a adventitious to bright your bowl - it will aswell advance your acknowledgment time to your co-workers and clients.

  3. Clean out your email: Lighten your brainy amount by abbreviation the amount of emails you accept to annal through. Go through all your folders and get rid of annihilation that`s over a year old and any non-work items from accompany and family. Annal letters from old projects.

  4. Clean off your desk: One abiding way to accent Monday morning all-overs is to airing into a accumulation of papers, a assemblage of folders, a hodge-podge of post-it notes, pens, cardboard clips, old coffee cups, and whatever abroad is accoutrement your desktop.

  5. Review your calendar: Don`t be afraid by affairs you forgot were on the agenda or affairs that overlap. If there`s advice you charge to be able for those meetings, put in a appeal now instead of abrogation it until the next week.

  6. Create a agitation list: Instead of spending the weekend reminding yourself of what you accept to do on Monday, and then scrambling Monday morning to bethink what you had to do, adapt on Friday.


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