The Walrus Composition

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The Walrus said, to the King:

"In your world, I`ve abstruse some things!"

Of War, hunger, ache and gout

Of self-interest, and above!

Of, carelessness and of abhorrence

But alotof of all, man`s fate

(Having no allotment excluded)

That humans are just things!"

The Baron said aback to the Walrus:

"You absolutely accept abstruse some things:

To include, the adjustment of the world,

And its inconveniences!

What did you expect?

From man`s adventurous appetite...?"

Said the walrus to the king,

"Love thy neighbor, not the things!

Do not annihilate out of self-interest,

Buried active prejudices!

To accept one God and not so many;

To be affectionate to your wife,

And not accept such absurd flings,

Amongst some additional things...!"

Hissed the Baron to the Walrus,

In a alotof robustious voice,

"Go aback to your awkward world, you came,

Dash-down, to those abroad ice-grown caves:

The ones you`ve lingered from,

In that incorruptible land,

You aboriginal thing,

Evidently, I am the corruptible king!"

But I like things the way they be!

So he said, shrieking...

His address still courtly, no merciful eye,

And the Walrus, he skedaddled, like a jack-rabbit,

(like an agog revolutionist) aback to his abroad acreage

And became king, of the Walrus` ...

He had a plan!


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