10 Cisco CCNA Convenance Questions - CCNA 640-802 Convenance Assay Questions

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Solving some convenance questions afterwards you abstraction the CCNA approach is the way to go for arrive the CCNA actual and get able for casual the exam. The afterward convenance assay questions are for the Cisco CCNA 640-802 assay and will absolutely advice you appear your acceptance efforts.

Question 1: What command will appearance you the baffled protocols active on your Cisco router?

Answer: appearance protocols

Question 2: What blazon of cable should you use to affix to the animate anchorage of a Cisco router?

Answer: Rollover cable

Question 3: What blazon of ethernet cable should you use to affix a Hub and a About-face or two Switches?

Answer: Crossover cable

Question4: RIP uses bandwidth and adjournment to actuate the best aisle to a destination arrangement (True/False)

Answer: False. RIP uses alone hop count

Question 5: Which account about MAC addresses is correct?

A. The MAC abode can never be changed.

B. A MAC abode is represented by bifold digits that are organized in pairs.

C. A MAC abode is a amount in hexadecimal architecture that is physically amid on the NIC.

D. It is not all-important for a accessory to accept a different MAC abode to participate in the network.

Answer: C

Question 6: Which of the afterward is an IOS command that can be acclimated to access the aegis of bare about-face ports?

A. Anchorage aegis

B. Mac-secure

C. Firewall

D. Shutdown

Answer: D

Question 7: IP addresses are represented by:

A. 16-bit decimal numbers

B. 32-bit bifold numbers

C. 8 sets of 4-bit decimal numbers

D. 8-bit bifold numbers

Answer: B

Question 8: What does the command ip avenue specify?

A. The router should use arrangement to get to abode

B. Both and use a affectation of

C. You wish the router to trace a avenue to arrangement via

D. The router should use abode to get to accessories on arrangement

Answer: D

Question 9: Which of the afterward protocols is an archetype of an exoteric aperture protocol?






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