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Garmin Nuvi 360 3.5-Inch Bluetooth Carriageable GPS Navigator With Text-to-Speech

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The Garmin nuvi 360 is the alotof bunched and affected all-in-one GPS aeronautics units on the market. This assemblage is so user affable that my technologically challenged 85-year-old grandfathering actually loves it. The articulation prompts are loud and bright and accord you affluence of time to adapt for turns and additional accessible cartage events.

While its alotof carefully commensurable adversary is the Tom Tom 910, there absolutely is no comparison. The awning displays are both of accomplished superior and ablaze abundant for daytime conditions, and although the nuvi 360`s automated animadversion is not absolutely as good, the POI admission is above to the Tom Tom and can be navigated with greater affluence than the Tom Tom, which requires accidental and oftentimes bulky steps.

Despite its strengths over additional units, the Garmin nuvi 360 does accept some limitations. It is advised for simple point-to-point GPS aeronautics and isn`t admiring of altering courses called by the unit. The nuvi 360 about offers two avenue options, the beeline (distance) and the fastest (time). The mapping program`s avenue selections, however, are absolutely adequate in alotof situations. For point-to-point navigation, the Garmin nuvi 360 has no equal.

The nuvi 360 is Bluetooth able which enables you to create calls with your corpuscle buzz with hands-free technology. If you don`t charge this option, you can save some money by allotment the nuvi 350; just create abiding it has the low cogitating awning and the adaptation 8 maps. Whichever assemblage you choose, Garmin`s website offers firmware updates that action fixes to any software issues that may arise, as able-bodied as improvements in functionality as they are designed. As with any software package, analysis the website consistently for these updates.

The Garmin nuvi 360 may be one of the coolest accessories I accept anytime endemic and admitting it may accept some accessory shortcomings, I amount it a 5 out of 5 stars. You`ll be actual annoyed with this unit.


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