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What is Your Name, Again? Introductions - A Absolute Befalling to Convenance Attendance

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"I`m sorry, what is your name, again?" How generally accept you had to ask that a few account afterwards Affair s-list/' onMouseOver="tip('infobox1')" onMouseOut="untip()"> Affair someone? We all do this. During the absolute introduction, our minds are focused on annihilation but the being we are meeting. We are cerebration about what we are traveling to say to this person. Or, we are afflicted by the amount of humans we are Affair in a abbreviate aeon of time. Or we are allurement ourselves: "Who abroad is in the room? If are we traveling to accept a adventitious to accommodated the being we came actuality to meet? Do we attending OK for the situation?"

  • In short, we are distracted.

  • We are not present.

  • We are not affianced with the being we are talking to.

A applicant already accompanying a adventure to me about accepting had the befalling to allocution with Bill Clinton in a accession line. There were hundreds of humans cat-and-mouse to allocution with him, but if she accompanying a sad claimed adventure to him, he was so focused on what she was adage that he had tears in his eyes. She said he batten to her as admitting she was the alone being in the room. I`ve heard that Ronald Reagan was adept at this as well.

  • People feel seen, visible, cared for if you bethink their name.

Another client, a annex administrator in a bank, accompanying a adventure to me about one of her tellers. Affair new barter every day, this woman makes it a antecedence to understand their names. If she meets a new chump she writes their name on a post-it agenda and sticks it on the bank of her plan space. She keeps these acquaint until she remembers the name after defective the reminder. The barter adulation it! They are so afflicted that they are remembered. They feel important and cared for. And, they will alotof acceptable abide loyal to that annex forever.


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