How the HP 88 Armament Works

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The Hp 88 armament architecture is one of the complete armament designs put out by Hp and makes it one of the alotof reliable cartridges for remanufacturing as well, because that there is not a printhead on the armament that wears out.

The Hp 88 armament has an centralized mylar bag that is abounding with ink. XL atramentous cartridges authority an ounce of top body colorant atramentous and the XL blush cartridges authority bisected an ounce. The accepted admeasurement cartridges alone authority bisected of the accommodation of the XL`s.

The centralized mylar bag aural these Hp 88`s deflates as the ink is dispensed into the ink tubes that backpack the ink to the Hp 88 printheads. This mylar bag is actual durable, which aswell aids the believability of the remanufacturing process. Ink is dispensed at the basal of the armament by way of a one way valve. The ink is pumped out of the armament by a mechnanical plunger aural the printer that pushes on a atramentous elastic brawl on the basal of the cartridge. If the atramentous elastic brawl is pushed, ink comes out of the armament through the ink port. Luckily, for the account of apple-pie clothing, this apparatus alone works if the armament is amid into the printer.

The chips on the HP 88 armament are replaced if remanufactured, and Hp has little technology to anticipate the use of third affair ink cartridges, clashing additional manufacturers such as Epson, which are belled for preventing the use of aftermarket ink cartridges which are unavailable.


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