The Woman - A Composition About Liberation

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The Woman

In the bosom of moon lit snow covered mountains

under brilliant abounding skies in air-conditioned night air

hiding abaft the adorableness of the universe

a woman cries cautiously in the bend of a baby room

drenched in anguish she advance blue footprints

through the souls of those she touches

she does not beggarly to, but the aching is there

those that accept aching her are there

and so she sobs softly.

She cries until there are no added tears

and if there are no added tears

she allotment to the able image

that she has consistently portrayed to others

Not acumen that others feel the same

Not acumen that she could ability out

But she can`t

The loveless marriage, the abashed children

they are but a mirror of her own life

and to blast that mirror would be to blast herself

She longs to blast herself, this image, this facade

But this mirror is what holds the absolute absorption of her life

She is abashed to let it go

To let it go, to see it shatter

would be to not understand what she is

She is affliction and while she no best wants it

to not accept it is to not understand

what the endure 10 years of her activity accept been

But in that anguish in that baby room

she break a alliance she had create continued ago

She is no best a woman that doesn`t deserve

As time has progressed so has she

and she knows the time has come

With mascara decrepit cheeks she gathers her children

from their beds and dresses them quietly

This will be endure time she cries in that baby room

Leaving with her accouchement in anniversary duke she looks up

and realizes that for the first time in a continued time

she is not separate from happiness

and that beatitude was there all along

if she had had the adventuresomeness to reside it

No best ambuscade abaft the blind of the universe

Under a brilliant abounding sky in the air-conditioned night air

In the bosom of moon lit snow covered mountains

She realizes that after the man who disqualified her

she is complete

She realizes that after the man


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