How Do You Add Music Videos From Your Harder Drive to Your iPod?

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Getting a music video that you accept adored on your computer`s harder drive on to your new iPod is not as simple as you ability think. Angel has done an accomplished job of authoritative it difficult to put non-iTunes articles assimilate their devices. The goal, of course, is to force you to buy your video s from iTunes and access their basal line, but there are, of course, means about this problem. You just charge some specific software and a little bit of patience.

The Specs

The first move appear accepting that music video assimilate your iPod is authoritative abiding it is in the appropriate specs. The iPod supports MOV, M4V, and MP4 formats, and the video haveto be no added than 768 Kbps, 30 fps, and 320-by-240 pixels. If your video has an audio track, it haveto be AAC-LC and haveto be 160 Kbps or smaller. If you downloaded the video off of the Internet, it is apparently in the actual format, although some downloads are WMV format. However, if the video came from a video administration site, you may accept a video that is in MPG or AVI format. You are traveling to accept to encode the video to use on your iPod.

Encoding the Video

You will charge to use QuickTime 7.0.3 (or a after version) as the codec to cipher your video . This is accessible to download for chargeless from the Angel website. It may yield absolutely a while to encode the video , so if it is a ample file, you may wish to let it plan overnight, or your computer will be out of agency for a while.

The Book Alteration Using QuickTime Pro

One of the easiest means to get the video to your iPod is to use QuickTime Pro. It combines the codec you charge with a simple uploading interface that makes it simple to get the book into iTunes and assimilate your iPod. This program works with Windows or Mac. It is not free, however, but it is the easiest to use. You will pay $30 for it, and you will accept to pay $30 afresh if Angel upgrades the program.

With QuickTime Pro, all you charge to do to upload the video is accessible the movie, baddest "file" and then "export," and accept the advantage for "Movie to iPod." The program will then automatically make a 320-by-240 M4V book with the accurately coded audio amplitude and abode it on your desktop. The absence settings in the program plan able-bodied for alotof music video s, but you can fine-tune them if you wish to change the way the video displays.

There are additional third-party programs you can use to catechumen the video to the actual book format, but this one works the best. If you are traveling to try a chargeless program, be abiding to convenance with a baby video first to create abiding there are no bugs in the program.

Getting the video assimilate the iPod

Once the video is adapted to the actual book format, you will charge to acceptation it to iTunes. To do this, accessible iTunes, accept "Movies" and accept "File" and then "Import." Baddest the movie, bang on it once, and baddest "Advanced, Catechumen Alternative for iPod." This will make a new book in your iTunes library. Already the new book is there, artlessly accompany your iPod with iTunes the video will download to the device.

If you do all of these accomplish and acquisition that the book has no sound, there is a problem with the aboriginal music video file. This is alleged accepting a muxed complete file. If the architecture on the aboriginal video is MPEG1 Muxed or MPEG2 Muxed, it will not play complete on your iPod. The alone fix is to acquisition a third affair appliance that can catechumen this book to an AAC-LC file.


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