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Banal Astrometry - 9/11, Indo-Pak and Additional Mishaps Predicted

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 Horoscopes chronicle to astrometry of animal beings. Similarly, banal astrometry agency the astrometry of the accompaniment or the nation. It helps us to adumbrate the accepted contest in the altered countries at altered point of time. It sounds unnatural, but yes, banal astrometry did adumbrate the 9/11 blow in the States also. Not alone this, the bang in Samjhauta Accurate too, was predicted by astrologers!

Zodiacal Signs and Countries

1.Aries: France, Switzerland, England, Denmark, Germany, Bottom Poland, Syria, Burgandy, Naples, Verono, Capua, Merseilles, Birmingham and Florence.

2.Taurus: Greater Poland, Persia, Ireland, Asia Minor, Georgia, allotment of Russia, Holland, Greek Archipelago, Mantua, Leipzig, Dublin, St. Louis, Rhodes.

3.Gemini: South west England, U.S.A, Flanders, Lower Egypt, Belgium, Sordinia, Wales, Tripoli, London, Versailles, Melbourne, Plymouth, Brabant, San Francisco.

4.Cancer: Holland, Scotland, New Zealand, Paraguay, New York, Constantinople, Tripoli, Algiers, Tunis, Venice, Manchester, Genoa and Amsterdam.

5.Leo: Italy, Sicily, allotment of France, Chaldea, Bohemia, Damascus, Bristol, Bath, Conton and Philadelphia, Chicago and Bombay.

6.Virgo: India, Mesopotamia, Asiatic and European Turkey, Brazil, Crete, Assyria, West Indies, Greece, Paris, Lyons, Jerusalem and Los Angeles.

7.Libra: Some locations of India, Portugal, Livonia, Austria, Alaska, Japan, Tibet, Sheffield, Lisbon, Frankfurt, Antwerp, Charleston, Vienna and Johannesburg.

8.Scorpio: Bavaria, Juden, Catalonia, Norway, Morocco, Washington, Dover, Liverpool, Baltimore.

9.Sagittarius: Spain, Arabia, Hungary, Madagascar, Cologne, Rotenberg, Toledo, Sheffield.

10.Capricorn: A allotment of India, Macedonia, Afghanistan, Mexico, Greece, Saxony, Thrace, Brandenburg, Oxford, Brussels.

11.Aquarius: Sweden, some locations of Arabia, Russia, Denmark, Lower Sudan, Abyssinia, Brighton, Hamburg and Bremen.

12.Pisces: Normany, Portugal, Galicia, Egypt, Nubia, Sahara, Alexandria, Lancaster, Ratisbon.

Houses in Banal Astrology

The Lagna or the Antecedent of a country will be the accurate assurance that rules over it. For instance, the lagna of England is Aries; that of Portugal is Pisces and so on. Now the twelve houses from the antecedent represent the afterward important significance:

First House: Accepted diplomacy of the state, accessible bloom and the altitude of the cabinet.

Second House: Accompaniment revenue, aristocracies in the state, abundance of the people, allies and revenues, accompaniment imports and bartering transactions.

Third House: telephones, telegrams, railways, airplanes, journals and newspapers and the disposition of the adjoining stations.

Fourth House: Schools, colleges and additional educational institutions, pupils, landed estates, accepted happiness, barter and agriculture.

Fifth House: Mentality of the rulers, accouchement of the state, new births, abomination and places of amusements.

Sixth House: Accompaniment loans and debts, diseases of people, territorial attacks, argosy and additional forces.

Seventh House: Bloom of the women, aeon in the country, amount of baby mortality, war, adopted relations etc.

Eighth House: Afterlife rate, accompaniment treasury.

Ninth House: Temples, mosques and churches, irreligiousness, administrative courts, law and righteousness.

Tenth House: The ruler, parliament, adopted trades, exports and exploitations, revolutions and lawlessness.

Eleventh house: Assets from additional nations, assets in trade, all-embracing relationships.


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