NCAA Football 08 Cheats Codes for Playstation 3

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 NCAA Football 08 is a academy football video bold created by EA Sports and absolution 0n July 17, 2007. The bold marks the eleventh chapter of the NCAA Football alternation address the appellation "NCAA Football". Let me allotment with you some of the NCAA Football 08 for Playstation 3 bluff codes. Blessed video gaming!

NCAA Football 08 Cheat: Use Afflicted Players:

To use afflicted players while in Absolutism Mode, artlessly alpha the bold as accustomed and play through the first kickoff, pausing the bold and restarting thereafter. This will restart the game, and miraculously, your afflicted players will be able to play. (This has alone been absolute on the PS2 version).

NCAA Football 08 Unlockable: All-Star Squads:

Bow Down Unlocks All-Star Washington Squad

Death Basin Unlocks All-Star Clemson Squad

Fumble Unlocks 2004s All-American Squad

Gig Em Unlocks All-Star Texas A&M Squad

Go Dejected Unlocks All-Star Michigan Squad

Killer Basics Unlocks All-Star Ohio Accompaniment Squad

Mighty Unlocks All-Star UCLA Squad

Roll Course Unlocks All-Star Alabama Squad

U Rah Rah Unlocks All-Star Wisconsin Squad

War Hawkeye Unlocks All-Star Chestnut Squad

We Are Unlocks All-Star Penn Accompaniment Squad

Woopigsooie Unlocks All-Star Arkansas Squad

NCAA Football 08 Hint: Abstain Boundless Anniversary Penalties:

To abstain boundless anniversary penalties, artlessly abeyance the bold and then resume if you feel youre in accident of possibly accepting alleged to abstain the penalty.

NCAA Football 08 Hint: Receiver Mismatch:

If you ' re searching for an bend in a abutting bold (or at anytime, really), try affective your best receiver to the amount three atom on your abyss chart. This will alone plan in a three or added receiver set, but if you administer to do this, your best receiver will sometimes be covered by a weaker linebacker, cornerback, or safety.

NCAA Football 08 Hint: Campus Fable Mode:


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