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Kayaking About Horsey Island - Rock Point

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 We started our kayak adventure from The Twizzle which is area the admirable Titchmarsh Berth is situated.

Paddling forth the Walton Approach in an inflatable kayak absolutely burdened with camping accessories and kayak accessories is harder traveling in flat water.

The sit on top kayak getting paddled by Matt was easier to paddle as it absolutely appropriately bounced off the waves. Joels Acumen kayak was the easiest by far to paddle in these waters.

Approximately one third of the way annular Horsey Island is a arch of acreage alleged Rock Point. It has a absorbing albino bank and is anchored appropriate at the point area the Walton Approach meets the sea. Afterwards canoeing the kayaks for about an hour we had accomplished Rock Point which was our first comatose point. We chock-full for a quick chaw to eat and a drink. At Rock Point you can acutely see the anchorage of Harwich and just beyond the approach four or 5 anachronistic and acerbic barges accept been advisedly run ashore in an accomplishment to, one assumes, act as course breakers and sea defences. We continued our legs for 5 account and absolved annular the arch of rock point to yield in the sea views.

At this point we were authoritative actual acceptable advance and although it was 7:00pm there was affluence of ablaze larboard in the day. We agreed to accumulate canoeing about the island until 8.00pm and then stop wherever we were at that time and create a camp.

I got aback into my inflatable kayak and started to paddle off with the blow of the group.

As we angled the top of the island and into Hamford Baptize we were acquainted of the charge to break as abutting as accessible to the bank band in adjustment to abstain any river cartage entering and departure the channel.

This meant we had to paddle our way through the behind barges and as the course was able-bodied on its way out I was anxious my inflatable kayak may sustain a break on a section of torn off metal. Thankfully all the kayaks zig zagged through the boats and both the inflatable kayaks were unscathed.

We had been canoeing for some time forth the Hamford Baptize which runs forth the top of the island if we came to a fork. We could not be actually abiding if this was the larboard ancillary of Horsey Island arch to Kirby Brook or just a ample brook acid into the centre.

Our aboriginal plan was to paddle clockwise about the island so we would not accept had to create this accommodation advancing out of the brook if it was in actuality the larboard ancillary of Horsey Island. Up advanced the approach appeared to buck to the larboard afterwards about a mile or so, advertence this aswell could be the actual way.

We chock-full and anchored our paddles beyond our kayaks while a agitation ensued as to whether or not to abide advanced or about-face off at the brook in the achievement it would eventually yield us aback to the harbour.

I could bethink there getting a ample brook on the aeriform map I had advised advanced but to be honest I was borderline if this was it. The accommodation was create to backpack on ahead. We connected to paddle and as the sun afraid low in the sky and it was now 8.00pm we started to attending for a acceptable abode to camp.

As the course was about out it apparent mud banks about eight to ten anxiety top on both abandon of the channel. There was no assurance of anywhere acceptable to stop and affected for the night. We connected to paddle.


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