Authoritative What You Can Ascendancy

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 One morning a few months ago, my sister alleged to report, "The doctor says Mom has Alzheimer ' s." We ' d doubtable this and still, audition that alarming diagnosis, my affection broke. I didn ' t wish it to be true. I capital my mom back, to always be as she ' d consistently been. I didn ' t wish to face what lay ahead. I didn ' t wish to feel what I was feeling.

We all accept times like this in our lives, times if something disturbs, upsets, or stresses us. No amount how alarming or atomic the situation, we consistently accept choices. One acute best is whether to focus on what we can ascendancy or what we cannot control.

It may assume asinine to focus on what we cannot control. Who ' d anytime do that? Yet that ' s what alotof of us do, at atomic some (if not much!) of the time. And that focus causes a abundant accord of stress, frustration, and unhappiness.

Trying to Ascendancy What Can ' t Be Controlled

Here are some means you ability try to ascendancy the uncontrollable:

* You try to ascendancy your feelings. You wish to or accept you should be able to stop your grief, anger, sadness, fear, or whatever abroad you don ' t wish to be feeling. But animosity accept a activity of their own and they will endure as continued as they last. You cannot ascendancy your feelings.

* You do your best to get your partner, boss, co-workers, friends, employees, or accouchement to behave in assertive ways. You can ' t Create anyone abroad think, feel, or do anything. You ability be able to Access them and you cannot Ascendancy them.

* Conceivably you wish an academy or affair to change (such as the government, war, or all-around warming). You can accept to yield activity to try to access such things and you cannot ascendancy them.

In these and some additional ways, we abide in aggravating to ascendancy the uncontrollable.

But if you do this, you use (waste!) an astronomic bulk of your adored energy. And back you still don ' t get the after-effects you want, it ' s aswell futile. It weakens you, makes you feel like a victim, and binds you to the absolutism of how things "ought to be," rather than how they infact are.

What CAN You Control?

"You can be blessed if you understand this secret: some things are aural your ability to ascendancy and some things are not." These words of 2000 years ago from Roman philosopher Epictetus action astute advice for today.

What is aural your ability to control? That is bent by what you can affect appropriate now, in absolute time.

You can ascendancy how you acknowledge to your feelings, to additional people, and to situations you face.

You can ascendancy the choices you make, your opinions, and your actions.

You can ascendancy your thoughts and area you abode your attention.

It ' s not consistently Simple to ascendancy these and it is possible.

When you focus on what you CAN control, you accept added ease, close peace, flow, and strength. You feel added in allegation of your life. You accept added activity for creating the activity you wish (since you ' re not abandonment it on the uncontrollable). You achieve more.

What About That Buzz Call?

After I got off the buzz with my sister I chose to focus on what I could ascendancy rather than what I couldn ' t.

I couldn ' t ascendancy my able animosity so I let myself cry and beef to the Cosmos until the animosity eased.

I can ascendancy how generally I appointment my mom who lives beyond the country from me. I absitively I would appointment added often, to absorb time with her and advice in whatever means I could.

I can ' t ascendancy her bloom or the progression of this abhorrent disease. I understand this intellectually and I brainstorm I ' ll still get bent up sometimes in absent to ascendancy the uncontrollable. If I do, I achievement I ' ll be able to apprehension and create a altered choice, a best to let go of what I cannot ascendancy and to ask myself what I can control, what I can do.


The Calmness prayer, accomplished in 12-Step programs, guides millions of humans anniversary day with its wisdom, "Grant me the calmness to acquire the things I cannot change, the adventuresomeness to change the things I can, and the acumen to understand the difference."

Clearly and candidly appraise what is and isn ' t in your ascendancy and you ' ll be able to see what, if any, activity to take.

In Your Life

Here are a brace of suggestions for experimenting with this.

* Accomplish to demography albatross for what you can ascendancy and absolution go of what you cannot control. If you "slip" -- and, if you ' re human, you will! -- just recommit and get aback on track.

* Accept a bearings that ' s been adverse you.

1. Ask yourself these questions about the situation:

What do I accept no ascendancy over?

What can I control?

What can I influence? (Some things, like additional people ' s behaviors, we can ' t Ascendancy and we may be able to Access by what we say, ask, or do. Afterwards you yield activity to access anyone or something, bethink to let it go and absolution the outcome.

2) Already you ' ve acutely adjourned what you can and cannot control, adjudge what action, ample or small, you can and wish to take. By the way, absolution go IS an action, an activity that can save you astronomic amounts of annoyance and stress.

Focusing on what you can ascendancy and absolution go of what you cannot ascendancy creates added ease, close peace, happiness, and success in your life.


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