Why the Fun Fun Fun Music Anniversary is Growing

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 Festivals accept been steadily accepting acceptance all over the apple in contempo years, and the beyond ones accept broadcast tremendously. However, as a aftereffect of the top admission prices and almost limited locations, a few oppurtunistic entrepreneurs accept taken advantage of the backfire adjoin the inaccesibility of contest like Bonaroo, Lollapalooza, and additional big-draw, weeklong festivals.

One notable archetype of this comes in the anatomy of Austin ' s Fun Fun Fun Fest, which is now in its additional year. Endure year ' s accident featured over 30 bands on three stages, for a bashful allegation of $10. Some bounded and nationally acclaimed acts were featured, from jailbait bedrock bands like the admirable Amphitheater Jerks to Austin favorites such as the Octopus Activity and the Riverboat Gamblers. Ample festivals aim to amuse as some music admirers as accessible by accouterment an abundantly assorted array of acts, thereby aspersing the liklelyhood of alienating a abeyant customer.

However, the check to this access is that booking such a ample amount of acts agency paying all of them, and accouterment a abundant bulk of infrastructure. Even in the case of contest like South By Southwest, which use mostly absolute clubs to advertise the artists, the amount of humans who can see a accustomed act is compromised by, if annihilation else, blaze codes which bind how some humans can be central a club cautiously at a accustomed time. On the additional hand, festivals like Fun Fun Fun Fest serve as an agent amid the beyond festivals and one-off club shows by confined a almost baby subset of the agreeable army with a lot of bands. Appropriately the "bang for your buck" of a ample anniversary is preserved, while some humans are still added annoyed by the almost low admission price, which is added in band with a club allegation for seeing at alotof four to 5 bands in one night.

Fun Fun Fun aswell brings a somewhat altered artful to the accepted "carpet bomb" access discussed earlier. By ambrosial to a added specific (some would say discerning) crowd, the admirers are added acceptable to be happier with the experience, accordingly authoritative them acceptable to return. Back their acts do ambit from almost alien to civic touring acts, new agreeable introductions are acceptable and often. The 2006 anniversary was (somewhat hilariously) disconnected into three stages according to about authentic genres: Rock, Punk, and Electronic. While these definitions seemed a bit inaccurate, (for example, anyone who has apparent Peaches reside would apparently accept placed her in the Jailbait or possibly the Cyberbanking date afore the better Bedrock stage, but the genre-based date distinctions are no best absolutely so audacious in the accessible 2007 iteration) alotof would accept advised the 2006 Fest to be absolutely a success.


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