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 As some times as I ' ve afflicted residences, confused from one accompaniment to another, even confused from country to country, I ' ve been abounding with a admixture of alarm and excitement.

For some of us, just affective from day to day, ages to ages or year to year creates a agnate all-overs or a attenuate excitement. It doesn ' t amount whether we move in time or we move in space, there is one connected -- change.

It seems a bucking to say that the alone abiding affair we appointment in our circadian lives is change, but change is what it ' s all about.

The action of growing from a adolescent into a jailbait and then into an developed is one that ' s consistently abounding with change. There is an appetite accounting abysmal aural us, in our actual genes and spirit, to abound and change and become the best we can.

Some times the appetite is active beneath bags of circadian woes or in the joys of the moment, but it is there, nevertheless. Some of us abhorrence change because we are aflutter of the unknown.

My old friend, Deepak Chopra, already told me that it is not the alien we should be abashed of, but, instead, the known. The alien is what will become the accepted as we cascade our hearts and minds into it. I go a move added and say we should not abhorrence either the accepted or the unknown.

Whatever appears to be accident to us now, whatever the approaching seems to authority for us, we haveto bethink that we accept the ability to change aggregate in our lives by a simple achievement of ability -- alteration the way we attending at things and, added important, alteration the way we feel about things.

Reality is infact the estimation of a point of view. If we do not like what seems to be our lot in life, we accept but to change the way we attending at our activity and we ' ll change outcomes. I do not understand why or how this happens. It ability even be a mystical law. But this I know, throughout the centuries, the sages of all cultures accept said, "Change your apperception and you change your world."

For all of us, the accession of a new year is just about the corner. It is a acceptable time to analysis the contest of the accomplished year after abode on them. It is a bigger time to attending advanced into the addition of that which is to appear and boldness to do the best you can with what you have.

The laws of the Cosmos may assume complex, but I accept the activity that is because we tend to wish to assay those laws and amount why they work. I accept it is abundant bigger to use those laws for our account and the acceptable of all people.

This is a anticipation and acceptance world. Whatever we think, if we accept it acerb enough, it will become allotment and bindle of our lives. Some of you may say to me, "That ' s all able-bodied and good, John, but it ' s not simple to change your thoughts and your beliefs."

I accede wholeheartedly. It is not easy, but it ' s simple. Apprehend that you are NOT your thoughts. You alone Anticipate your thoughts. They are castigation and if they are yours, you can do with them whatever you want. Some times we let our thoughts alarm us. It ' s as if our thoughts anticipate US instead of the additional way around.

And as to your beliefs, all you accept to do is appraise them and ask yourself why you accept what you believe. You may be afraid to acquisition that your behavior accept captivated you bound all these years. Conceivably those behavior were all-important at one time, but you may accept outgrown them. Appraise what you accept about money, bloom or relationships and ask yourself why you accept that.

Change your behavior about the apple and affairs and you ' ll change your thoughts about activity and how it works. If you ache from lack, alpha alteration your acceptance about money into one of affluence and affluence.

If you are experiencing illness, attending at your behavior about bloom and change them into wellness and well-being. And if you accept poor, or non-existent relationships, change your behavior into those of activity admired and aces of all acceptable things.


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