Arctic Avalanche Elk Assemblage Administration Plan - Accompaniment of Washington

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 The Arctic Cascade, or Nooksack, Elk Herd, is the aboriginal of the ten herds active in the Accompaniment of Washington. It is aswell the northernmost assemblage in the western allotment of Washington. However, admitting its size, this assemblage is of ample account to the citizens of Washington, in both artful and bread-and-butter arenas. It aswell provides recreational value, in the anatomy of animals bolter and the befalling to appearance wildlife in its accustomed habitat. The Arctic Avalanche assemblage aswell is important to Built-in American tribes in the area, accouterment subsistence, cultural resources, and august uses.

This assemblage was reintroduced into the state, consistent from auspiciously alien animals placed in the breadth in 1946 and 1948. The aiguille citizenry of this assemblage occurred in 1984, at 1,700 elk. However, a aciculate abatement has occurred, and now the assemblage numbers no added than 300 individuals.

The amount citizenry of this elk assemblage in the Nooksack bold administration assemblage occupies an breadth of about 492 aboveboard afar (1,230 aboveboard km). In accession to this amount population, addition 125 elk reside in agronomical acreage adjoining the Skagit River. These elk mostly reside in small, almost abandoned pockets of habitat. Actual associates of the assemblage reside arctic of the Skagit River, in college elevation, forested areas, and accept been accepted to couldcause nuisances and accident to property. Accretion burghal development is aggressive the connected actuality of these elk.

Data calm on the citizenry and advance trends appearance that this assemblage has acceptable potential. Although the analysis data was bound in the sample admeasurement possible, it showed acceptable assembly of calves. However, these favorable altitude accept not been enough, back the assemblage has remained changeless at low citizenry levels. Although the hunting division has been bankrupt on this herd, unaccounted bloodshed may be preventing the citizenry from rising.

Although the abode changes acquired by balk agriculture should accept advantaged advance in the herd ' s population, added animal admission may be consistent in added deaths. There accept been some problems with accident acquired by elk on agronomical lands. However, the clandestine acreage forth the River are important elk habitats, and should be adequate and preserved to advance the citizenry of this herd.

This breadth is covered mostly by coniferous backwoods beneath the timberline. Three above zones of backwoods exist, depending on acclivity and accessible moisture. They are the western hemlock zone, Accordant argent fir zone, and abundance hemlock zone. The western hemlock area is the alotof important in balk production, and is acceptable to be accomplished by balk harvesting. Accelerated logging, abnormally the convenance of clear-cutting, has compromised the herd ' s adeptness to survive in the winter ambit and brand in the summer range. Abundant alley cartage and animal agitation are the better causes of this. Unfortunately, alotof of the winter ranges for elk are aswell aural this zone. Some locations of this zone, in the foothills forth the southern and western ambit of the elk ' s range, are acclimated for agronomical purposes.

The accepted administration plan for the Arctic Avalanche Elk Assemblage calls for accretion the citizenry in the Nooksack assemblage to about 1,450 animals , with an accession 200 in the Sauk unit. The ambition for the absolute assemblage breadth is about 1,950 individuals. The amplification of this assemblage into the accessible ambit south of the Skagit River, in the Sauk unit, is to be promoted. Both affiliated and non-tribal hunting seasons would be able to be reestablished if there are abundant animals to abutment them.

To advice abatement bloodshed from animal action, and to advice humans accept the amount of their accustomed resource, accessible acquaintance of elk should be promoted. This includes accurate and examination opportunities. Accident from elk on clandestine acreage should be minimized to advance bigger accessible assessment of the elk administration plan and of the herd.


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