Gig Tips to Reside and Apprentice By

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 Music Stand: This is for those of us that accept set lists and key structures accounting out. The angle is bigger than acrimonious affidavit off of the attic that were on your amp.

Instrument stand: I can ' t even calculation the times that my guitarist kept apathy his, he ' d prop up the guitar and I would watch it abatement beyond the amp...oh well, save your own instrument.

Ear plugs: For the accessible reasons, loud drummer, cool loud guitars, etc.

At the Gig: Don ' t alcohol badly or blockhead up .... it shows in your arena and your professionalism or abridgement thereof.

Practice: Forward a flier to the neighbors absolution them understand what time and if you convenance ... so if there is a problem they don ' t alarm the cops first, they alarm you.

Band Politics: The bandage sits at a annular table - no egos, anybody gets a say - capitalism - altercate your goals, tunings, who knows what, song dynamics, etc.

Towel: To sop up the agitated beer on your amp that your guitarist denies he did.

Cable: Bend your cable through your amp handle and your band so it doesn ' t abatement out.

Picks: Altered gauges for anyone in your bandage who uses one.

Spare Cords and Cables: Oh yeah it formed bygone why doesn ' t it plan today? BTW, blanket your cords if you are done - the chestnut wire has a memory.

Spare Microphones: If you sing it is consistently acceptable to accept a aback up. There is annihilation like watching, in apathetic motion, a microphone hitting the arena and agreeable into pieces.

Tuner: Affirmed your guitarist thinks he ' s in tune and everybody abroad is out.

Batteries: For the tuner (which proves your guitarist wrong) or furnishings pedals.

Extra bass and guitar strings: Acutely for yourself but even a set of guitar strings. Affirmed if a guitar cord breaks, it ' s consistently the top E ... and it ' s on a Sunday and the music abundance is bankrupt and the gig is in an hour.

Drum Key: Bagman arrives and can ' t tune his set, or can ' t put a new derma on.

Power Strip/Surge Protector: For some reason, clubs consistently accept problems with their power, go amount - too some surges or destroyed ambit breakers than I affliction to remember.

Screwdriver: To get into your apparatus or amp if there are any problems.

Allen Wrenches: A haveto accept if you wish or do any apparatus adjustments.

Tubes: For all of you oldies out there.

Fuses: GK amps especially.

Pen/Paper: For some cause you consistently charge this, I just don ' t understand why.

Crazy Glue: For your fingers or your guitarist ' s mouth.

Duct Tape: Aliment annihilation ... aswell for guitarist ... oh yeah torn boom skins.

Duffel Bag: To backpack aggregate you are secretly supplying.

Spare Cloths: For yourself, not the coiled affectionate but something that is adequate for either adequate into or to change if anyone spills something on you.


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