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Mega Disasters: How GPS Tracking Will Save Lives

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 Disasters are accident all the time from man create to attributes apprenticed adverse events. Centuries ago the planet had archaic activity forms and did not accept what was accident to their world. But today we reside in a avant-garde abstruse association area it not acceptable our absolute chase will become abolished like in the anachronistic period. Man will survive, but how some of us will live? The catechism charcoal unanswered.

If you ' ve any time watched the story approach they accept a program alleged MEGA Disasters. It ' s presents some altered shows on contest that will advance to massive accident of activity from accustomed or man create disasters. One or added of these MEGA disasters is traveling to action eventually than later.

Here is a abrupt description on what the appearance is about.

Massive accustomed disasters accept shaped the planet on which we reside for millions of years, and the alone affair we understand for abiding is that the approaching holds more. Earthquakes accept triggered massive tsunamis and appear methane gas that dead alotof of the activity in the ocean. Asteroids accept laid decay to about all the activity on earth. Volcanoes accept blocked the sun ' s application for months.

As the confusion acquired by Blow Katrina and the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami accept badly demonstrated, we are all accessible to abrupt disasters, both accustomed and man-made. Accumulation science and history, MEGA DISASTERS visits the sites of antecedent disasters, then recreates them in avant-garde time s and locations, using advanced computer animation.

Whether it ' s the city-limits of Memphis abolition into the Mississippi River during an convulsion or a mile-wide asteroid antibacterial Los Angeles, anniversary anniversary is a amazing attending at just how accessible our circuitous association absolutely is to the ability of Mother Nature.

What we charge to do to save lives now and in the future?

Ordia Solutions is the avant-garde and arch provider of adaptable command & ascendancy systems for accessible assurance agencies. They accept devised the Adaptable Appropriate Accord Arrangement (MTCS) is a next-generation web-based wireless-enabled software appliance that allows accessible assurance admiral to acquaint and coact visually in real- time using appropriate graphics, agenda maps, and aggregate workspaces to accredit awful able command & ascendancy after any time accepting to bureaucracy a concrete command post. This arrangement is the alone one of it ' s affectionate in the apple and is in some government trials from Beat teams to FBI, and is getting formed out into some seek and accomplishment operation command centers.

They afresh broadcast the artefact portfolio to cover an chip GPS tracking solution, which provides real- time situational assemblage locations for operational commanders and their appropriate operators in the field.

This GPS Tracking Accessory was researched for use in the Adaptable Appropriate Accord Arrangement (MTCS) by GLC Enterprises, Inc. and is aswell accepted as the WorldTracker GPRS. It is an avant-garde mini tracking accessories that allows accomplishment being to be beheld in abreast absolute time acceptance admiral to finer alike accomplishment missions if MEGA Disasters stick which will appear for sure.

Local, state, and federal law administration officers, as able-bodied as additional first responders, are able to allotment data, maps, and images with anniversary additional in absolute time, acceptance appropriate decisions to be create and implemented bound and effectively.

The software is in abode in the command center, in vehicle-mounted laptops, and in ultra adaptable handheld computers.

Because a account is account a thousand words, this technology addition will be as advocate for accessible assurance advice as the addition of the television set was for accumulation media communication.


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