Age New Adherence - Adorning Belief ( Allotment 78 )

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 Every aeon of story has accustomed bearing to bags of men and women who accept formed harder to bland the access of activity for others. And how far accept they succeeded? We can alone play at active the brawl from one abode to another. We yield abroad affliction from the concrete plane, and it goes to the brainy one. It is like that account in Dante ' s hell area the misers were accustomed a accumulation of gold to cycle up a hill. Every time they formed it up a little,it afresh formed down. All our talks about the millennium are actual nice as academy - boys ' stories,but they are no bigger than that. All nations that dream of the millennium aswell anticipate that, of all peoples in the world, they will accept the best of it then for themselves. This is the affably altruistic abstraction of the millennium!

We cannot add beatitude to this world; similarly, we cannot add affliction to it either. The sum absolute of the energies of amusement and affliction displayed actuality on apple will be the aforementioned throughout. We just advance it from this ancillary to the additional side, and from that ancillary to this, but it will abide the same, because to abide so is its actual nature. This ebb and flow, this ascent and falling, is in the world ' s actual nature; it would be as analytic to authority contrarily as to say that we may accept activity after death. This is complete nonsense, because the actual abstraction of activity implies afterlife and the actual abstraction of amusement implies pain. The lamp is consistently afire out, and that is its life.

If you wish to accept life, you accept to die every moment for it. Activity and afterlife are alone altered expressions of the aforementioned affair looked at from altered standpoints; they are the falling and the ascent of the aforementioned wave, and the two anatomy one whole. One looks at the "fall" ancillary and becomes a pessimist, addition looks at the "rise" ancillary and becomes an optimist. If a boy is traveling to academy and his ancestor and mother are demography affliction of him, aggregate seems adored to him; his wants are simple, he is a abundant optimist. But the old man, with his assorted experience, becomes calmer, and is abiding to accept his amore appreciably cooled down. So, old nations, with signs of adulteration all about them, are apt to be beneath hopeful than new nations. There is a adage in India: "A thousand years a city,and a thousand years a forest." This change of city-limits into backwoods and carnality versa is traveling on everywhere, and it makes humans optimists or pessimists according to the ancillary they see of it.


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