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What Is Tens And Will It Advice Me With My Arthritis Pain?

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 TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical assumption stimulation. It describes the supply of electrical accepted to borderline fretfulness (nerves amid in the skin) using electrodes that are activated to the skin. TENS can be acclimated either in an appointment ambience or self-administered by the patient.

A TENS assemblage consists of a axial ability antecedent which is shaped like a baby box that looks like a beeper. The box contains controls that attune the intensity, frequency, and waveform of the current. Affiliated to the axial ability antecedent are advance wires. Absorbed to the advance affairs at the additional end are electrodes that are self-adhesive and activated anon to the skin. The electrodes are advised to conduct the accepted from the axial ability antecedent to the skin.

To use the TENS, the advance affairs are affiliated to the axial power. Electrodes are then absorbed to the advance affairs at the additional end and then activated to the afflicted breadth of the body. Already the TENS is set up, the TENS assemblage is angry on. The accommodating will faculty the accepted which is added to the point area it is acquainted to be comfortable. The accommodating should leave the TENS at that setting. During the day, the physique accommodates to the electrical bang and the accommodating may be tempted to access the accepted intensity. That should not be done because, abiding acute electrical bang can advance to beef fatigue and backlash pain!

TENS accepted can be adapted for waveform, accepted level, and frequency. The medical person, either a physician or concrete therapist, should acquaint the accommodating as to the best ambience for their alone case. TENS frequencies beneath 10 Hz are termed low frequency. Frequencies college than 50Hz are alleged accepted or top abundance TENS.

The adeptness to change frequencies, continuance of therapy, waveforms, and acuteness makes TENS a able apparatus in affliction management.

TENS is acclimated to alleviate affliction accompanying to a amount of altitude apparent in a rheumatology office. These include: abiding low aback pain, osteoarthritis, abiding close pain, and fibromyalgia. TENS is covered by alotof insurances including Medicare.

Studies apropos the capability of TENS for altered altitude accept been, in the past, awry by poor abstraction design. However, in contempo years, the adeptness to abundantly dark the accommodating and the examiner accept yielded some accomplished studies assuming the capability of TENS in both abating affliction as able-bodied as in abbreviation the bulk of affliction medication a accommodating may require.

This closing account is decidedly important if it is accomplished that TENS is an acutely safe analysis modality with around no ancillary effects.

How does TENS work? There are a few theories that explain the capability of TENS. The first is the aboideau theory. This is the oldest explanation. According to this theory, appliance of electrical bang to borderline fretfulness sends signals to the analgesic bond and these signals block the manual of affliction signals by the analgesic cord. In essence, this approach is agnate to that offered as an account for the capability of acupuncture. Indeed, the low abundance anatomy of TENS has been acclimated as a blazon of electrical acupuncture.

Studies of top abundance TENS has approved that levels of glutamate and aspartate (chemicals that may abet pain) are bargain in the analgesic cord. Low abundance TENS increases serotonin and endorphin levels aural the axial afraid arrangement thereby abbreviation pain.

The capability of TENS has been approved in at atomic two trials demonstrating adequation of TENS adjoin non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in osteoarthritis of the knee.

TENS can be acclimated as a individual ameliorative modality or in aggregate with additional treatments including medicines.


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