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Abstraction Your Bonsai - Base and Anchoring Techniques

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 An important allotment of the art of Bonsai is allegorical the timberline into the adapted shape. If you chase the acceptable Japanese appearance of Bonsai you will try to make a timberline like one that can be begin in nature, but you may amplify some of the elements for appearance purposes.

You will accept to understand what you wish your timberline to attending like afore you can alpha abstraction it. You should be able make an angel in your apperception of absolutely how you wish your timberline to appear. Already you accept absitively on the appearance and appearance there are several methods acclimated to adviser your bonsai into the appearance you desire.

Two actual accepted and basal methods of abstraction the timberline are base and anchoring.


If you wire a timberline you use a metal wire to authority a area of the timberline into the appearance that you want. Base has the advantage of training the timberline to the adapted appearance quicker than alotof additional methods.

Back it is softer aluminum wire is acclimated to wire alotof branches. If using aluminum wire you will charge to use a thicker wire to authority the annex in place. The thicker wire is beneath acceptable to cut into the bark, which abundantly reduces the accident of scarring. If training added branches or alteration the appearance of the block a stronger wire will be needed. In this case you will apparently charge to use chestnut or even animate wire.

To wire a annex you artlessly blanket the annex with wire and then acclaim angle it into the position that you want. You leave the wire in abode to authority the annex until it is able of captivation that appearance unassisted. Already you wire a annex you will charge to watch it carefully to be abiding that the annex has not thickened to the point that the wire is acid into the bark. You charge to be abnormally acute with deciduous copse because they tend to thicken in spurts.

You should consistently alpha your wire on thicker branches and plan your way up to the thinner ones.

Your base job will be added abiding if you use one wire to wire two branches.

If you apprehension your wire accepting bound abolish it to abstain scarring. If the annex still will not break in position you can re-wrap it to board its new size.


Frequently a annex that is several years old will be too thick, in this case base the annex will not be actual effective. For branches like this anchoring will apparently plan better. Anchoring works by affairs the annex into the position you wish and befitting it there.


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