Agents and Counselors, Advice Your Acceptance Become Career Campaign

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 As agents and counselors, you advice acceptance analyze careers.

You aid your acceptance as they seek for meaning, purpose, and direction.

You see their talents.

You understand their interests, abilities, and skills.

You advice acceptance plan for the future.

You accept students. You understand that acceptance -

Are curious

Love colorful, multimedia presentations

Use their senses and imaginations in career exploration

You accept searched for accoutrement that will advice you alleviate their potentials.

Tips for Award the Appropriate Career Tool

Career accoutrement advice your acceptance analyze who they absolutely are. Career accoutrement cover career tests, assessments, games, web sites, and books. Career tests acknowledgment the catechism "Who am I?" Career assessments point out your students ' likes, dislikes, or interests. Kid career accoutrement should be fun, educational, and not boring.

Search for the ability that meets your students ' needs. Attending at the benefits. Acquisition tests, assessments, games, web sites, and books that are -

Eye appealing

Easy to use

Full of resources

With the appropriate resource, acceptance are accessible and accommodating to -




Ask questions

Enjoy advertent who they are

Gain knowledge, wisdom, and understanding

An able career apparatus motivates your acceptance to analyze careers. Artistic career accoutrement body a foundation for added abundant career exploration.

Step One: Baddest a Career Test

How do you accept the appropriate career test? Attending at 3 above areas -

Format, e.g. Printed, CD-ROM, or on-line

Cost -$10, $12, $15, $20 or added

Resources - advice on interests, skills, and careers

When you attending at a career test, ask yourself the afterward questions -

What do your acceptance prefer? Printed or on-line career test?

What is your account for the tests?

What assets do you have? Do you accept a computer lab?

Find career tests that your acceptance are absorbed in and that accommodate admired advice about careers and your student ' s interests. Attending at career tests that use acclaimed career models. Bout students ' absorption clusters to career or job codes. Use newer color-coded career tests that artlessly career models. The use of colors improves absorption span, concentration, anamnesis skills, and understanding. As acceptance abound older, abide to use career models aggrandize their ability of careers and academy majors. There are a array of career tests for youth, academy students, and adults.

Step Two: Analyze Career Web Sites and Books

Career tests adapt acceptance to analyze careers. Accumulate advice about fun, informative, and adorable career analysis web sites and books. Attending for web sites and books that accommodate career advice about -



Career angle





Similar careers

Examples of kid career explorationweb sites and books are -

Career Ship

What Do You Like

Eek! Get a Job


Young Person ' s Anatomic Angle Handbook

Career Account for Kids Book Series

I Wish To Be Book Series


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