$300 For An E-Book? Are You Out of Your Mind?

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 $300 for an e-book! Are these humans out of their minds? No, they are just acquisitiveness abounding vultures. How do you understand that?

Well, in the Angelic Scriptures in Romans 1:28 it says: "Furthermore, back they did not anticipate it advantageous to absorb the ability of God, he gave them over to a abandoned mind, to do what care not to be done." (NIV)

Right now as we allege self-proclaimed internet experts on the internet are charging $300, $500, and up to $1500.- maybe even added at the alpha of this writing, for a simple e-book! A book!

Don ' t you for one minute accede affairs one!

Popular books by acclaimed author ' s like C.S. Lewis advertise in excellent action for about $40.- max at the book stores. I ' m not talking about 1st Editions of course.

Greed. Greed. Greed. It ' s all about greed. If your an expert, fine. If your a 18-carat Donald Trump Millionaire expert, fine. But area on the planet do you get the abstraction that it is ok to allegation $300 for your e-book?

It ' s not ok, and these experts, and they absolutely are acclaimed minds in their field, are charging abandoned fees for their work. One acclaimed internet banker is charging upwards of $500 a ages to humans so that he can allotment his internet business secrets.

I ' m apologetic dude, but you ' re not that good. Even if you can advise me how to create a actor dollars in one minute, you ' re not that good.

Pride. Pride. Pride. So great, I create my actor dollars in a minute, but what about the 80% of humans who do annihilation if they buy into a program? You ' ve just beggared them blind. You ' ve aching them area it counts the most-in the ancestors finances.

But hey, let ' s not anticipate about that, right? Just accumulate annexation the pockets of the boilerplate being to create your millions. I was on a appointment alarm afresh area the admirer said: "If you ' re aside of affection about top prices, I animate you to get off the phone."

Dang dude, I didn ' t adhere up the phone, but I capital too!

Lastly, then anybody needs to watch out for the betray by these aforementioned artists, and accepted these are not no-names, these are good, wholesome, sometimes even declared Christians, I ' m sad to say, authors, who are charging $300 and up for their e-books! I ' ll say it again! You ' re not that acceptable and you ' re not account it!

As my pastor generally says, "You ' re not all that."

I just achievement we can get aback to reasonable prices out there on the apple advanced web. Abiding you ' re an expert. Abiding you can advise me how to change and bedrock my world. But dude, you are not account $300.- I don ' t affliction WHO you are.

Lastly, if you are one of these acquisitive vultures, amuse amend your astronomic pricing! Some of you are agriculture off of 50-55 year old men and women who are just aggravating to acquisition addition way to create it additional than Amusing Security. Your $300.- E-book is NOT the way!

I say to these vultures, the next time you ' re on your way to the coffer to banknote someone ' s $300 paypal payment, accede you ' re assets source. Your getting paid by the ancestor of all lies-lucifer. No agnosticism about it.

How do I know? The God of this apple has addled you ' re eyes. Adulation the sinner, Abhorrence the sin. If you are an able in you ' re field, and you accept the adventurousness to allegation $300, $500, and even $1200 for your e-book, and you angle in our face as a animated Christian adage that it ' s ok to allegation these fees, you ' re artlessly a cheat sir.

In Proverbs 20:17 it says, "Food acquired by artifice tastes candied to a man, but he ends up with a aperture abounding of gravel."

So, go ahead, allegation the daylights out of anybody on the net, and beam you ' re way to the bank. But just bethink that in the end you ' re traveling to accept to accord an annual of anybody you afflicted in this world.

The Solution? Lower the prices of your e-books internet experts! Truly, if you can advise us something of value, you deserve maybe $50.- at best. But if you ' re charging $49.- you bigger be the best on God ' s blooming earth.

Remember one thing, you ' ve accounting a book, and you accept no appropriate to yield abroad people ' s car payments in the process. Blow assured, you ' ll acknowledgment to God one day for all of it. Achievement you ' re ready.
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