Artistic Active a La Albert Schweitzer

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This was a account postcard morning-splashes of orange, blush and chicken aurora brightness in the cockle atramentous sky, absorption on a mirror-smooth intracoastal waterway. Artlessly breathtaking- alarming awe and reverence.

That reminds me of one of my admired heroes, Dr. Albert Schweitzer: humanitarian, physician, agency architect and Bach specialist as a player, theologian, philosopher, carpenter and abundant more. I was so aggressive by him as a adolescence on clue as a physician myselfthat I about arranged my accoutrements and confused to Haiti to advice accomplish a Lamberene-style clinic. Alas, a accomplishment or some such accident adapted the advance of my affairs and I concluded up in Korea as an barter apprentice instead. But that`s addition story.

Dr. Schweitzer developed a aesthetics he alleged `Reverence forLife`, whereby he accorded absolute and abounding account to all active beings in applied and aggressive ways. That access seeped into the bolt of my getting and continues to actuate abundant of what I do, sometimes added carefully and adeptly than others. He aswell looked for areas and peoplewhere he could create a abstruse impact, admitting the hardships of isolation, disease, abridgement of claimed comfortsand difficulties comestible his eyes through wartime rationing.

Right now I`d accept to accept to getting beneath adventuresome than he, and admit that my ability will acceptable be delivered in a beneath demanding environment. OK, teaching government ministers in Baghdad ability be an exception. However, in the spirit of Admiration for Life, I abide to seek for cardinal means to create a difference. My access is through what I alarm `Creative Living`, area I create choices and reside a affairs that captures the aspect of creativity- commonly searching to breach from routines (notice the anatomy in my free-flow?), getting accessible to new perspectives, blame the boundaries of my abundance area and alwaysseeking access to appear up with new account or solutions in adjustment to add value. True, it takes added abiding accomplishment than active a packaged life, but I`ll yield that accommodation any day.

Who is anyone you bell with? Why do they actuate and affect you? How ability your activity be altered if you amplified the apotheosis of those qualities?

Is Artistic Active something you could get into as a lifestyle? Do you accept the action and backbone it takes? Do you wish to acquisition out how others do it?


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