3 Causes Not to Absorb Money on Freelance Sales Letter Writers

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Are you abashed whether you should appoint a copywriter or not? Is one allotment of you cogent you that you charge to, and addition aghast to it? I`m about to acknowledge to you the top 3 causes why you should NOT appoint a freelance copywriter for sales letter writing, and then the answers to anniversary of these objectives. This will advice you create up your mind.

Reason 1: There is no charge to appoint anyone to do your sales-letter writing, if you can do it yourself!

The accuracy is that yes, you can do it yourself, clashing what alotof copywriters would accept you believe. And YES even a absolutely bad sales letter makes appropriate sales (if the blow of the business is able-bodied set up). So, if your cause for hiring a copywriter is because you anticipate it will magically addition your profits over night... that`s a actual amiss reason. Because even admitting this can be true, a copywriter will addition your profits, its not a acceptable mindset long-term.

If your cause to appoint a copywriter is to save time that you can advance in the areas that you`re bigger at accomplishing yourself. This IS a acceptable reason. If your acumen is something like "sure, I could do this copywriting if I put my apperception to it, but it takes me too abundant time and effort... Time I could absorb abundant bigger in convalescent additional areas of the business, and this ashen time is account added than a copywriter costs.

Reason 2: I`m traveling to be hiring a full-time copywriter in the approaching anyway, so no charge to decay money on freelancers now...

This is one of those excuses we accord ourselves to put off things we charge to do. Clashing amount 1, which can be valid, this one I say is about consistently an excuse. Its not valid. Basically, any time you`re saying: "I won`t create use of this account here, because ancient in the approaching I`ll get an even bigger benefit" its a agreement of perfectionism.

Here`s the analytic ancillary to apprehension this one. Unless you`re absolutely hiring anyone aural the next 2 months, and you accept it all laid out, the accuracy is, that "future" could be actual far off. If you understand you charge able akin copywriting, then you should alpha off with a low-risk, contributor option. You can consistently "upgrade" in the future.

Reason 3: We already accept a solid sales-letter and its accomplishing fine, we don`t charge able sales-letter writing

This one is infact actual accurate a lot of the time. In fact, this is what I acquaint alotof people. Affairs are, your sales-letter is appealing solid already, even if you don`t accept it. A copywriter can appear in, do aforementioned sales-letter autograph of his own, and say bifold or amateur conversion...

Sounds great, but is it? Actually, this alone happens if the sales-letter is the weak-chain. If you accept amazing lead-generation, amazing customer-support and abundant follow-up... but your sales-letter is plain-average... then yes, go and advancement it with some able sales-letter writing. Otherwise, apply on the additional areas of business that charge fixing.


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