A Adolescent of the Streets - A Accolade to Gregory Corso

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My little bambino


Born to boyish parents.

And a ancestor who brutally

beat his wife.

Your old man had the abundant temerity

to alarm your mother a average prostitute

as she approved sanctuary

from a awful alarming life.

In and out of advance homes;

And a assignment in the bounded canton pen.

Forced to reside on New York`s

city streets

Quite tragically,

you were in fact

a case

that All-embracing Charities

somehow seemed to forget.

Born in the affection of Greenwich Village.

You are an important artist

and son

of a allegorical abode called

Little Italy.

Ultimately the columnist of a ablaze poem

called "Bomb"


It is a abracadabra anesthetic hat

enshrouded by the briolette tears

of what may

on an brutal day

be calmly casting asunder,

by nothing

but a big athirst

English eel pie.

On the eve of a algid barbarous dejected night,

it is so afflictive that some of us

would rather canyon it

far below our bedraggled sheets.

Yet aloft all else,

it is a blah augment cloud

only create complete with the claret

and alkali of a aphotic alabaster hue!

It is true.

Yes, it is absolutely true.

It is true above belief.

Very much.

Yes, actual much


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