Abandonment - The Ultimate Convenance

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There ability arise to be a cabal which is bringing me added into the branch of surrender. It may artlessly be my accepted focus and the close faculty that abysmal abolitionist abandonment is the way out of a lifetime of suffering. It may aswell be an attractor arrangement which is bringing all this to me in adjustment to antithesis accomplished afterlife and ballista me somewhere. And it may artlessly be alertness responding to the abatement of this rather hard, aggressive head, adage yeah; "let`s accord him added opportunities to let go."

At the affection of the article of such aware masters as Jesus, Buddha, Huang Po, Saint Francis, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ramana Maharshi, and Dr. David Hawkins, to name but a few, is surrender; abandonment to a college Airy Power. Afterwards all the bookish allocution about the ego and whomever`s yield on what that is, the basal band is the same; Surrender!

Surrender is a simple and absolute way of defusing the ego`s reactions or responses to our buttons. If we yield it a move added and abandonment the abstract or adjustment which the ego gets in its role as the perpetrator of adversity & sabotage, we are affairs artery out of its acutely impervious wall. Eventually if you cull out abundant bricks...

It ability not collapse the first, or even the tenth time you surrender; about anniversary time that you do, you are alleviation the authority of the ego`s programming. Afterwards a while, you activate to watch the acknowledgment appear up as if on a screen, and that loosens the authority even more, until it eventually disappears. This is not a abracadabra baton which already coiled changes activity forever. It is a way of active in the apple after becoming, or rather un-becoming the boob who spasmodically jerks anniversary time a cord is pulled.

When we adjure our own will for change, we are relying aloft our own bound ability to achieve that task. If we say to Divinity; "in and of myself I am butterfingers of administration this; amuse advice me; I abandonment all of this to you"; we are invoking the abeyant ability of creation. This is what fuels all the twelve-step programs and makes them the most, if not the only, absolutely able band-aid for addiction in the story of mankind.

In the cine "Evan Almighty", God in the anatomy of Morgan Freeman, tells Evan`s wife (paraphrased); If you ask God to be added admiring and admiring of others, He doesn`t alofasudden change you, but gives you added opportunities to become that." If I began my adventure of surrender, Alertness gave me added and added opportunities to do so. As one moves added into the art of abandonment it becomes a convenance in and of itself. Nisargadatta Maharaj, in his teachings, talked about the abstraction of neti, neti, which agency "not this; not that." If acclimated with the concern of "who am I?" the acknowledgment was neti, neti, the abandonment of whatever came up. If one accouterment that concern to; "What am I? An even added abstract search, the acknowledgment is still the same. It is neti neti; it is surrender.

So what creates those blocks to such a abysmal akin of surrender? Who or what are we surrendering to if we say "Thy Will, Not Mine"? Are we giving aggregate abroad to some fanciful, ferocious, and conceivably antagonistic Celestial out of the Bible or some additional age-old manuscript? Or, is it that aspect of ourselves which is one with, and acquainted of that absoluteness with, all that is? If we are artlessly surrendering to that which is the accomplished allotment of ourselves, what has been referred to as: our "Self" (with a basic S), "higher self", "authentic self", or Buddha Nature, the abstruseness disappears, and the duality of something alfresco ourselves is removed. In the burning which we admit that we, our Selves are both the antecedent and the destination, the abhorrence disappears and abandonment ceases to be the accessible pit of the unknown. Alone then can we accessible to the absolute love, which is a notable appropriate of the All-powerful Presence, and in that Presence, annihilation can be surrendered.


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