The Epiphone Riviera - Archetypal Hollowbody Administration and Accent But Disregarded by the Beatles

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The Epiphone Riviera helped reinvent Epiphone in the 1960s, afterwards the aged company`s architect anesthetized on and was aquired by guitar behemothic Gibson. This semi-hollowbody guitar with bifold cutaways and humbucking pickups was alien in 1962, and was a abandonment from Epiphones additional models to date.

Then Admiral of Gibson, Ted McCarty, saw the befalling to advantage Epiphone as a additional Gibson brand, instead of the bottom abstraction of using Epiphone to aftermath acoustic Gibson basses.

The hardly abate "mini-humbuckers" on the Epiphone Riviera were infact an attack to accumulate the guitar on a bottom bank than it`s big brother, the Gibson ES-335. Instead of the acceptable PAF Humbucker tone, the mini-humbucker produced hardly lower output.

The Riviera has been overshadowed in the best bazaar by the Bank model. While you could altercate that both models are absolutely agnate in architecture and tone, the Bank had one accurate advantage: The Beatles.

While the Fab Four would accept been blessed with the Riviera, it just happened that they (especially John Lennon) advantaged the Casino. Endless adventitious choices accept shaped the fate of some guitars over the years, and such is life.

The Riviera has the accepted Gibson auto configuration: two humbuckers, close and bridge, anniversary with absolute aggregate and accent knobs. This archetypal bureaucracy can aswell be begin on the Les Paul, Aerial V, SG, and affluence of others.

Top players of this guitar cover Otis Rush, The Edge, and Nick Valesi of The Strokes, who has his own Signature Riviera, the P-94.

This is an accomplished guitar for clinking bedrock sounds and excels capturing a best tone. This is no one ambush pony though, as this axe is adequate arena bedrock and country music as well.

The aboriginal is no best in production, nor is the Epiphone Aristocratic adaptation of the Rivera, but these canicule you can acquisition both on bargain sites like eBay. Apprehend to pay a few hundred dollars for a reissue, and $5,000 or added for an original.

For a awakening attending and complete that you just don`t see too often, the Epiphone Riviera is a abundant choice.


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