Addition is a Accustomed & All-important Aftereffect of Change

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Did we abandon:

  • Drums be cause of poor drummers?

  • Canoes be cause of poor paddlers?

  • Stagecoaches be cause of poor drivers?

  • Telegraphs be cause of poor telegraphers?

  • Typewriters be cause of poor typists?

The cause we larboard anniversary of these inventions is not because of the poor achievement of the humans affianced in drumming, paddling, driving, borer or typing, but because addition resulted in a new invention. Today, addition is accretion at an exponential accelerated amount of acceleration because of technology. This new disciplinarian of humanity`s change is alteration how animal beings:

  • Communicate with abutting neighbors

  • Travel from abode to place

  • Transport bales and mail

  • Communicate with those far away


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